Nitro Nation World Tour Launches Web3 racing game on android and iOS

Nation World , a free-to-play drag racing game featuring fully-licensed NFT cars, has officially launched worldwide on Android and iOS devices together with the game's first season that is set to include an exclusive deadmau5-themed racing event.

Mythical Games has announced that Nitro Nation World Tour (NNWT), a free-to-play mobile drag racing game made in partnership with CM Games, is now officially available worldwide for anyone to enjoy on Android and iOS devices.

Season 1 Details

With the launch of the anticipated mobile game featuring fully-licensed NFT cars comes the start of the Web3 title's first season. With the announcement of the worldwide launch, Mythical Games has published some details for Season 1, including a features roadmap.

One of the first bits of info we got is that McLaren is the Season 1 headliner, meaning that players will soon have a chance of driving a McLaren Car. The second bit of info revealed is that the blockchain title is actually a sponsor of the “Day of the deadmau5” tour. As deadmau5 is an official partner of the game, players will see him featured in the first season of the in-game World Tour festival, but for the real life tour itself, fans have a chance of buying NNWT x deadmau5 collab merch, taking photos with a branded NNWT deadmau5 head, and more.

Features Roadmap

There are many new additions planned to make their way during the first season of the game. These updates will be spread across 3 different versions, with version 0.7.0 of the game including 3 unique cars in new starter pack offers, a new Divisions Racing Mode with Leaderboards, as well as various improvements and bug fixes. In version 0.8.0, the season will be further iterated on with new car models, a new track, a new Divisions Racing Tier, and more. Last but not least, version 0.9.0 will be marked with an exclusive deadmau5-themed racing event, alongside the introduction of weekly missions and other cool goodies. Based on the info provided, it seems that players will have a chance at earning an exclusive in-game deadmau5-themd car through the upcoming event.

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