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A lot of new features in No Man's Sky since the game launched back in 2016, including the resources and materials players need to scavenge and create. One such material is Chromatic , a valuable resource that is used for many different purposes – including building new technologies and crafting better equipment. Here's how to create plenty of Chromatic Metal to carry around for whatever purpose may arise.

Step 1: Craft a Refiner

No Man's Sky players will first want to create a portable refiner to process the metal, which can be created using oxygen and a metal plating. Metal plating is easily crafted from Ferrite dust, which can be found in pretty much any small rock on a planet.

Step 2: Find Rare Resource Deposits

Once the portable refiner is up and running, players will need to scout around their planet for rare metal deposits, which will be marked with the analysis visor. Players will want to find Cadmium, Copper, Iridium, or Emeril, as these metals can be turned into Chromatic Metal.

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Step 3: Use Terrain Manipulator to Mine Resource

Once players find a deposit of one of these metals, they will need to use a terrain manipulator to mine them. This multitool technology can be crafted from Carbon Nanotubes and Di-hydrogen Jelly – made from carbon and dihydrogen respectively. Veteran No Man's Sky players will notice that the recipe for this tool is different from the one added with the Atlas Rises update. Hello Games has phased out some materials to make it more accessible to new players as well as reducing inventory strain.

Step 4: Refine Resource into Chromatic Metal

Once players have mined plenty of the metal, pop down the portable refiner and toss the metal into the input side of the terminal. Once you pop the metal in, the final product will be listed on the right side under output. Next to the input will be the conversion rate for that metal. For example, if it's 2:1, then two input will produce one final product – in this case, Chromatic Metal. The portable refiner does need to be charged with Carbon, so make sure to bring plenty of it when playing with friends in the NEXT update. And don't forget to pick up the portable refiner, as it can be carried so more do not have to be made.

No Man's Sky is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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