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No Man’s received a major in the form of NEXT, a huge overhaul to many parts of the space exploring game. The adds many new features and changes that fans have been waiting for since the game launched in 2016. It seems that enough gamers were excited to pick up No Man’s Sky after this update, as it is currently outselling Grand Theft Auto 5 on .

NEXT is the biggest update yet for No Man’s Sky, so it’s no surprise that many people would be interested in playing the game now that NEXT is out. At the time of writing, No Man’s Sky is also on sale for 50% off on Steam, so it’s the perfect opportunity for fans to check out the game without paying full-price. But toppling Grand Theft Auto 5 on Steam is no small feat. The only other game above Grand Theft Auto 5 right now aside from No Man’s Sky is the pre-order for Monster Hunter: World.

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No Man’s Sky has also received a large number of positive reviews on Steam since the launch of NEXT, netting it a “Very Positive” recent review rating. However, it’s going to take a lot of positive reviews to make up for the large amount negative reviews it received at launch. The game did receive a small bump in positive reviews when the Atlas Rises update launched, but NEXT so far has received many more positive reviews.

NEXT seems to be a great leap forward for No Man’s Sky. Developer Hello Games has already said that No Man’s Sky will feature new weekly content and community events to keep players engaged until the next content update hits. Regardless of what Hello Games has in store for No Man’s Sky in the future, if it’s anything like NEXT, then fans have a reason to start investing in the game.

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No Man’s Sky is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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