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Since No Man’s Sky launched in the summer of 2016, developer Hello Games has gone to some lengths to update the game, adding fan-requested features. This includes the Atlas Rises update which added more than 30 hours of story content, as well as light multiplayer features that allow up to 16 players to have small interactions within the game world.

The next update to the game, called No Man’s Sky Next, appears to be the most substantial yet. No Man’s Sky Next is described as a “full multiplayer experience” that will allow players to go through the game world alongside one another. The update will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One (the day the game releases on the console) on July 24.

Players will be able to join up with a small team of friends or random travelers either helping one another to survive or preying upon others. The game will also let groups of friends build shelters or colonies as a team, and then they are shared with all players. Together, players will also be able to take part in space battles, they can race vehicles, and even create race tracks that can be shared with the No Man’s Sky community. There will also be character customization, though the full extent of these features has yet to be detailed.

When No Man’s Sky launched, the game received a huge amount of backlash for what unhappy players said was lack of features. The game even faced investigations over misleading advertising as it launched without many features that players had expected. Multiplayer was one of the features that many had expected, which is why so many fans were delighted when the Atlas Rises – and then the No Man’s Sky Next – updates were announced. Fans say Hello Games is finally delivering what they’ve been asking for from the start.

The responses to the No Man’s Sky Next trailer on social media reflect this. Many of the replies seem thankful to Hello Games for taking the time to address the feedback and improve the game after an incredibly rocky launch. A few replies are skeptical, however, out of concern that the developer will not be able to live up their high expectations. But unconvinced players won’t have long to play the Next update for themselves, and Hello Games will hope that it does enough to win them over.

No Man’s Sky is available on PC and PS4. It releases on Xbox One on July 24.

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