No Man’s Sky Visions Update Adds More Colorful Worlds


No Man’s Sky’s next , called Visions, will be released tomorrow, November 22, Hello Games announced today.

The free update introduces a variety of new content to the ever-evolving No Man’s Sky universe, including all-new and lifeforms. New worlds contain new secrets, such as ancient bones that can be unearthed and strange artifacts that can be “displayed as trophies in your planetary base.” Meanwhile, new “predatory fauna” and “deadly flora” add an extra layer of danger to exploration.

With the introduction of new worlds, Hello Games is also promising greater variety among planets. A broader color palette allows for “new shades of sky, grass, and water,” according to the developer, as well as the introduction of rainbows as a new weather effect.

Lastly, Visions introduces a new Community Research mission that calls for players around the world to work together in order to collectively reach an objective. Once reached, all players will unlock new gear, emotes, and more.

Visions comes less than a month after Hello Games released The Abyss, a free update focusing on underwater exploration. Both Visions and The Abyss follow No Man’s Sky’s massive NEXT update, which introduced multiplayer, character customization, a third-person option, and other long-requested features.


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