Obsidian’s Grounded enters early access on July 28

Microsoft announced today during an episode of Inside Xbox that Obsidian Entertainment's Grounded will enter on PC and Xbox One on July 28.

Grounded is the first game from Obsidian that will be a console exclusive for Xbox, following Microsoft's acquisition of the developer in 2018. It's a multiplayer survival title that has players controlling kids shrunken down to the size of ants.

This early access version of Grounded will be available through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Steam Early Access. Putting the game through an early access period will allow Obsidian to gather feedback and discover bugs through players.

While Grounded has cooperative multiplayer that supports up to four, you can still experience the game solo. As a survival game, you'll be collecting resources and crafting materials while building a base, all with the goal of getting yourself back to a normal size.

Obsidian is best known for role-playing games, including its latest hit, 2019's The Outer Worlds. This dive into the survival genre is a bit of a departure for the studio.

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