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Nintendo and accessory maker Hori have announced three new GameCube controllers designed to work specifically with Nintendo Switch. These come in three styles fashioned after the company's most popular franchises: Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon.

All of the controllers take the color schemes and logo of the games they represent  on translucent, no-slip grip shells. Likewise, each of these controllers feature buttons for the Switch's menu functions: ‘-' and ‘+' buttons as well as screenshot and home buttons.

However, in the center of those buttons rests a turbo button with three settings that will execute functions five, 10 or 20 times per every second you hold a button. Hori has also added a ZL button that the original GameCube controller didn't have – and the company made all four of these shoulder buttons reassignable.

Nintendo Switch GameCube controllers

All three Nintendo Switch GameCube controller designs.

Now, here's the stinger: these controllers are all wired over a USB connection, which means they can only be used when connected to the Nintendo Switch via its dock. 

Hori has priced these controllers at ¥2,980 for an October launch in Japan, which converts to $26/£20/AU$36. Of course, this release timing is just perfect for the upcoming launch of Super Smash . Ultimate in December.

Should these controllers make it over to the west for a wider release, it's safe to expect to pay around 30 bills in your region for one.

Via NintendoLife

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