Outriders Shows Off Ultimate Fire Witch Pyromancer Class Build

People Can Fly releases a lengthy Outriders video detailing a high damage Pyromancer called the Fire Witch along with skills and gear.

While Outriders may look like another looter shooter live service game like Destiny 2, People Can Fly are attempting to go in a different direction. Players will have four different classes to choose from as well as discovering all sorts of loot to customize their character, but Outriders features no live-service elements. Essentially, the game is considered complete at launch with a definitive beginning and end, as well as post-launch content that is available once the story is clear.

While the game only has four classes to pick from, with the huge amount of loot as well as the customization options through the abilities and skill trees, players will likely develop their own unique style. Over the past week, the official Outriders Twitter account has been showcasing one of the many possible high level builds for the Pyromancer class, known as the Fire Witch. With launch of Outriders less than a day away, People Can Fly has put out a lengthy video showcasing its high damage potential.

According to the video, the Fire Witch is a build that heavily relies on skills to maximize the damage output. For Pyromancers, the key skills to utilize are Eruption, Overheat, and F.A.S.E.R. Beam. Equipped gear mods also target cooldown reduction and increasing the damage output for the skills mentioned above such as Giga-Blast. It's also critical for players to expand into the Tempest skill tree due to the passive bonuses to explosion based skills, which directly impact Eruption and Overheat.

In addition, players will want to hunt down the Legendary gear set known as the Lava Lich and boots from the Reforged set. The reason why the boots from a different Outriders set are needed is because it gives players an additional Eruption use before the cooldown triggers and provides a huge Anomaly Power boost when elite enemies are on the battlefield. With at least three Lava Lich gear pieces equipped, players will also receive set bonuses which increase Eruption damage by 40% and decreases the cooldown by 10%.

Finally, the video showcases the specific weapons used in this build, the Assault Rifle known as Inferno Seed which maximizes the benefits of critical hits. The Wrath of Moloch mod triggers explosions on critical hits and inflict burn on all enemies in a 5 meter radius. The other mod called Bone Shrapnel detonate enemies on critical hits dealing 5519 damage and bleed in a similar 5 meter radius.

As the video shows, this class type is capable of ripping through large groups of enemies and with all of the area of effect abilities, there's plenty of opportunity to decimate opponents. With 3 other classes and their respective skill trees, Outriders is making sure that players have tons of options to personalize their class to the playstyle they want. The Fire Witch promises to be just one of many options available to players to help with high level activities including the post-campaign Expeditions.

Outriders releases April 1 on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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