Overwatch 2 Launches Mauga-Based Event with Exciting Rewards

In anticipation of 2‘s upcoming Season 8 debut on December 5, players are being treated to a captivating centered around the game's newest hero, Mauga. Unveiled during Blizzcon 2023, Mauga is set to join the permanent roster, and the developers have introduced the “Catch Up with Mauga” event to mark this momentous occasion, offering appealing and generating excitement within the community as 2 continues to evolve.

Mauga is Overwatch 2‘s new Tank hero from Samoa and embodies the meaning of “mountains” in his name, reflecting his historical context. Armed with dual chainguns for incendiary and precision damage, Mauga offers battlefield versatility. His Ultimate, “Cage Fight,” creates a close-quarters advantage, while the Berserker passive grants temporary health for critical hits. The Overrun ability charges him forward for a ground slam, damaging nearby enemies. Mauga's Cardiac Overdrive promotes teamwork, allowing him and his teammates to heal by dealing damage amid the chaos of battle.

As the release date of Mauga in Overwatch 2 approaches, the developers have introduced a Mauga-themed event called “Catch Up with Mauga,” running from November 21 to November 28. During this event, Overwatch 2 players can participate in various challenges to earn rewards by simply playing the game, with the opportunity to accumulate up to 37,500 Battle Pass XP.

Overwatch 2 Catch Up With Mauga Event Details

  • November 21 – 28, 2023
  • Earn up to 37,500 Battle Pass XP

Overwatch 2 Catch Up With Mauga Challenges

  • Like Old Times
    • Complete 8 games. Wins grants double progress.
    • Rewards 7500 Battle Pass XP
  • A Happy Reunion
    • Complete 16 games. Wins grant double progress.
    • Rewards 7500 Battle Pass XP
  • Making Plans
    • Complete 24 games. Wins grant double progress.
    • Rewards 7500 Battle Pass XP
  • Old Buddies
    • Complete 32 games. Wins grant double progress.
    • Rewards 15,000 Battle Pass XP and Old Buddies Spray

The challenges include “Like Old Times,” requiring completion of eight games with wins granting double progress and rewarding 7,500 Battle Pass XP, and “A Happy Reunion,” which involves completing 16 games with double progress on wins, earning another 7,500 Battle Pass XP. “Making Plans” challenges players to complete 24 games with double progress on wins and offers 7,500 Battle Pass XP. Finally, “Old Buddies” requires the completion of 32 games with wins granting double progress, resulting in a substantial reward of 15,000 Battle Pass XP and the exclusive “Old Buddies Spray.”

It's essential to note that Mauga won't be available for gameplay during this event but is scheduled to be introduced in the upcoming Season 8 update. Additionally, Blizzard has recently confirmed a survivability buff for Mauga, addressing concerns raised during his trial period.

In light of these adjustments, a recent report has unveiled some key changes to Overwatch 2‘s Mauga. The developers are considering replacing 150 of Mauga's health with armor and reducing the size of his headshot hitbox. Furthermore, Mauga's Overrun ability may potentially provide a 50% damage reduction while charging, and it will no longer be susceptible to cancellation by Sombra's Hack.

These modifications aim to enhance Mauga's gameplay dynamics and ensure a more balanced and enjoyable experience for Overwatch 2 players.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is Blizzard's free-to-play team-based first-person shooter. The title features some new heroes like Junker Queen and Sojourn, as well as returning favorites.

Franchise Overwatch

Platform(s) PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Switch, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PC

Released October 4, 2022

Developer(s) Blizzard

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