Overwatch 2 Reinhardt Charges D.Va Into Moving Traffic

A talented player in 2 has shared a clip showing them take down an enemy D.Va in a creative and hilarious way. Some slight adjustments to Reinhardt’s capabilities that came with the launch of 2 have allowed some skilled tank mains to pull off some clever plays throughout the first month of the game.

Since the sequel’s release earlier last month, 2 has taken the gaming community by storm for reasons both good and bad. Although the game’s launch was hindered by a multitude of frustrating bugs, server issues, and game crashes, it has also brought plenty of new and refreshing content to the world of Overwatch that fans have eagerly been awaiting for years. Three new heroes, a bunch of new maps, and several big changes to existing characters have created the potential for players to share a ton of fantastic clips.

This clip in particular was shared on Reddit by the user LuthienTheMonk, and it features the player as Reinhardt on the control map Oasis. The player uses the tank’s Earthshatter Ultimate Ability to stun a few enemies just after the opposing D.Va was powered up with Nano Boost and doesn’t hesitate to take the opportunity to precisely charge the D.Va across the map toward the nearby road. The D.Va’s mech is immediately obliterated by an oncoming car, and a second car comes around to finish her off after she ejects from the mech just moments later.

Most veteran players will remember the extremely high-speed cars on the Oasis map which have allowed players to get some hilarious environmental kills since the start of the original game. While Reinhardt hasn’t seen any particularly drastic changes to his original abilities, the hero is now able to cancel his charge early, which allows careful players to more easily charge enemies off the map without taking themselves along for the fall.

Thankfully for many players, the control game mode has persisted on into Overwatch 2 along with every map associated with the game mode. The same sadly can’t be said for the assault game mode that was removed for Overwatch 2 and replaced with a newly-introduced game mode known as Push, which has had mixed reactions from fans. It should be noted that assault may still be played in the game’s arcade, though.

Fortunately, Overwatch 2 still offers many fun methods of scoring environmental kills on enemies, and many new heroes and changes provide even further opportunities for getting creative with kills. With season 2 just over a month away and bringing with it a new hero and more maps, fans are hoping to see more tools to help spice up the battlefield in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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