Overwatch 2, Upcoming BlizzConline showcase 2021

With nothing confirmed, ’s upcoming BlizzConline showcase could include info on everything from a release date to brand new heroes.

After several months of nonexistent updates, Blizzard has finally broken the silence on Overwatch 2. Beloved game director Jeff Kaplan recently updated fans on the game’s progress, confirming that the game would be shown at BlizzConline this February. While no details were shared about what exactly will be shown for the sequel, fan expectations will undoubtedly be high for the Overwatch follow-up’s showcase at the event.

After so much time spent in development due to the effects of COVID-19, Blizzard will hopefully have some large Overwatch 2 updates for fans at the online version of . After several months of remaining tight-lipped, the developers of the game should have a lot to say regarding the future of Overwatch. Going into the game’s showcase, fans should prepare to see some exciting things.

A New Hero, Animated Short, And Release Date

While Blizzard is waiting until February to give fans a proper look at Overwatch 2, the studio has snuck plenty of teasers into the original game’s latest map. Kanezaka holds teasers for an unnamed Fox character and a mech user named Brit, two of the heroes that could arrive in Overwatch 2. With multiple new heroes teased and even more rumored or leaked, it makes sense that at least one of Overwatch’s new arrivals will come during the showcase. Beyond that, the hero may debut in a special animated short, with fans anticipating the visually stunning Overwatch animations from BlizzCon every year.

Beyond that, Overwatch 2’s release date may finally be revealed. Though the game’s launch window had originally been set for 2020 according to several leaks, developers being forced to work from home due to COVID-19 has led to a longer development time for Overwatch 2. However, Blizzard may finally be ready to reveal Overwatch 2’s new launch date at BlizzConline, and fans should expect proper PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game to be announced alongside the potential release date reveal.

An In-Depth Look At Raw Co-Op Gameplay

For fans of Overwatch’s lore and the overarching story being told, the PvE mode for Overwatch 2 is easily the most exciting aspect of the sequel. Set to feature co-op story missions that pit four players against AI-controlled Omnic enemies, fans will finally get to play as their favorite heroes in a proper Overwatch story mode. While the detailed lore behind the universe and the characters within has always been a strength of the franchise, a proper campaign will allow players to see actual progression of the overall narrative.

Aside from showing off a new mission and some of the story beats the game will be covering, BlizzConline could present Overwatch fans with a closer look at Overwatch 2’s ability trees. With the RPG-like system giving players the chance to upgrade heroes like Tracer and Reinhardt in unique ways, a deep dive into the trees of multiple heroes would be worthwhile. Beyond that, further exploration of the co-op campaign’s loot mechanics would be another great thing for the Overwatch team to highlight in the content they show at the event.

More Modes, Maps, And Cosmetics

Overwatch 2 is set to feature plenty of content for multiplayer fans as well, which is good news considering that memorable 6v6 gameplay is a big part of what made the first Overwatch a Game of The Year winner at The Game Awards. At the event, Blizzard should focus on giving players a second look at Overwatch 2’s Push game mode — while also detailing any new modes that will be coming to the game. The four previously announced maps should also be detailed further, getting the same level of attention that the Toronto map did in the original reveal.

Finally, Overwatch 2’s BlizzConline showcase should offer more looks at the new hero designs promised for every member of the game’s roster. While heroes like Mei and Lucio previously saw their new looks shown to the public, much of the roster still needs to be given the same level of attention. With new outfits spotlighted on top of looks at the game’s maps, modes, heroes, and a release date, there are plenty of things Blizzard can show at the event. With the BlizzConline stream free to the public, plenty of eyes will be on Overwatch 2’s next big showing.

Overwatch 2 is in development for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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