Overwatch’s new gravity controlling tank Sigma is what the game needs

Overwatch has released its 31st hero into its public test realm, so anyone who downloads the test version of the can give the new character, Sigma, a try.

Sigma is a , meaning that he's a character who excels at protection. Tanks usually come in two flavors. Main tanks focus on shields and defensive abilities. They're good at protecting the whole team. Then you have “off tanks” that are beefy characters with high amounts of health and defensive abilities. They aren't as good at protecting teammates, but they can operate on their own and deal a lot of damage to the enemy without dying.

Overwatch has had a shortage of main tanks, with only Reinhardt and Orisa fulfilling that role. Sigma gives teams that need a main a third option. Like with Reinhardt and Orisa, he can create a giant shield that absorbs damage. Holding down the right mouse button begins to send the barrier out, and releasing the button sets it in place. You can then push the button again to recall the barrier so you can place it somewhere else. The shield will also regenerate while it's recalled.

Aside from that giant and super-helpful barrier, Sigma has an array of -based abilities. His basic attack send out two orbs that can bounce off of surfaces. After travelling a set, midrange distance, they blow up. Sigma can also create a clump of rock and hurl it, and he can absorb incoming projectiles for a short time. His ultimate ability throws enemies in its radius into the air before slamming them to the ground and damaging them.

This is exactly the kind of character Overwatch needs. A new main tank will help give players more choice when it comes to the kinds of teams they want to make, and this could give Reinhardt and Orisa fans a new hero to experiment with.

I also love the the character's theme. Sigma's mad scientist vibe rules, and his voice acting and costume give him this awesome, creepy aurora. Overwatch has some of the best character designs in gaming, and Sigma stands among the best of them.

Of course, since Sigma is also the name of the rad villain from Mega Man X, I'm afraid that Overwatch's new character is only the second-coolest Sigma in gaming.

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