Palworld confirms new island and Pals coming very soon

A new island with more species of Pal is to Palworld this summer, alongside the new one-on-one Arena mode.

Surprise hit Palworld took the gaming world by storm when it came out in January and, although player numbers have begun to diminish since then, it's still one of the most popular games on Steam (and no doubt Xbox, but there's no public for that).

Its player numbers might get a boost soon though, as developer Pocket Pair has a lot planned for its open world survival game. One new feature is the battle arena mode, which was announced during the Triple-i showcase on Wednesday, but there's more than just that on the way.

This summer, however, developer Pocketpair has confirmed that it will release a new island to roam around on, with a range of new Pal species to catch or battle.

‘This summer, a major update that will add a new island with a new species of , new buildings, weapons, and more is scheduled to release,' the official Palworld Twitter account said.

The tweet also corrected the release date of the new Arena mode, which was originally said to be out this summer but is now stated as merely sometime this year.

There were no details or artwork for the new island or Pals, but the video announcement for Arena mode shows what looks like a battle mode where you can fight alongside your Pals against other players.

Palworld is certainly showing its ambition with all these new additions, but Pocketpair has openly admitted it's struggled to adapt to the game's unexpected success.

Despite rumours that Nintendo might look to sue the developer, nothing has happened in that regard and if this new content is released this year then the game has a good chance of establishing itself as an evergreen hit.

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