Play-to-earn Racing Game Nitro League Secures $5M Funding

Nitro is pleased to announce it has raised $5 million from various prominent investors. The decentralized mobile play-to-earn game attracts tremendous attention and drives its way right into the metaverse.

The project has gotten a lot of attention from investors, culminating in a $5 million investment. Prominent participants in the funding round include YGG Southeast Asia, Morningstar Ventures, Axia8 Ventures, Skyman Ventures, YGG Global, Double Peak, LD Capital, ExtraWatts, Calisto Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, NGC Ventures and Woodstock.

The funding was led by SL2 Capital.  Nitro is the first of many titles being released from Hotwire Studios who are leading innovation in the mobile first gamefi infrastructure and easy on ramp for guilds. Hotwire recently successfully raised 10m USD from prominent tier 1 funds.

Nitro is designed by the best-in-class to provide a powerful gaming experience with solid tokenomics and NFT support to the masses. The next-generation gaming experience is here and spans a multi-token economy. Moreover, all drivers, cars, and other-in-game items can be owned, sold, and traded by players to create revenue-generating opportunities.

The Nitro League metaverse welcomes all players who dare to strap in to ride toward this future. Players can race against others, complete missions, and work their way up to create a clan. However, as a clan leader, you will need street credit, which helps expand the fleet of cars. Adding members to the clan will benefit the DriveTribe in the Nitro Arena.

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