New PlayStation 5 Ad Features Travis Scott

Travis is in a new, short ad for the 5 that, according to Sony's blog about the collaboration, he also helped create.

The new console generation is just around the corner and Sony is selling the PS5 hard. Even this close to the launch date, there are still new PS5 launch titles just recently being revealed.

Players are still eager for PS5 news, but what they've got has been a bit of a mixed bag. The processing power of the new system is great, and the digital version seems like a neat idea, as players can pay less if they intend to do digital shopping only. To help raise the hype level even further, Sony brought in Travis Scott.

Travis Scott is a rapper who already has several albums under his belt. He has had ties to the video game industry before, and in a big way. His concert in Fortnite set a new concurrent player record, and he has appeared as a skin in the game as well. Sony partnered up with Scott and his Cactus Jack brand to create a new PS5 promotional video. It's short, but pretty bombastic and stars Scott himself as the centerpiece.

The video is all in black and white, and begins outside of PlayStation headquarters. Afterward, it focuses on several of the creative heads behind the PS5. Each designer gets a close-up, with their role in the lower-left corner. Several have their shoes focused on in shots of Nikes that give Assassin's Creed: Valhalla‘s Reebok partnership a run for its money. Finally, Scott himself is seen booting up a PS5 in front of a massive sound system. With a smile on his face, he allows himself to be literally blown away.

The audience is not shown what game Scott was playing, so it's anyone's guess. The movement from the designers' faces to their shoes is also a bit strange since it's not a Nike ad. What's most impressive is the sound system, although the brand responsible is not given. Also, since it's black and white, no one can know for sure whether or not Scott is using the $10k golden PS5 in the video, but it's fun to imagine that he is.

According to Sony, Scott has been brought on as a “strategic creative partner.” Whether or not this means he will be making more promotional material remains to be seen. If so, it's anyone's guess what crazy videos he might put out next. Since there's already been one showing Sony taking apart a PS5, maybe Scott could make one showing him putting one together again. Anything's possible.

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