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The next update for Pokemon GO is expected to add new ways to sort one’s friend list as well as improve gifts by having them contain stardust and experience points. While the update has yet to roll out to all players, that hasn’t stopped it from being datamined, revealing what the future of the game has in store.

Dataminers have dug through the new Pokemon GO update and have found plenty of reasons for fans to get excited. The biggest news is that the entire Celebi Special Research quest appears to be complete, and it’s just a matter of Niantic activating it before players can start their quest to catch the mythical creature.

Dataminers have also found evidence of Lucky Pokemon. In Pokemon GO, Lucky Pokemon are creatures that don’t need stardust to power up, meaning all they will require is that players be at the correct trainer level and have enough candy. Since stardust is required for Pokemon trades, being able to power up Pokemon without spending any is a very appealing idea.

pokemon go lucky chansey

Something else dataminers found in the latest update for Pokemon GO is a brand new berry type. In Pokemon GO, berries can be fed to Pokemon for various results, like making them easier to catch or stopping them from using attacks. The new berry discovered by dataminers is a silver variant of the Pinap Berry, and while we don’t know what it does, speculation points to it giving players even more bonus candy than the original version.

It’s unclear when the features discovered in the latest Pokemon GO datamine will be activated. However, it seems likely that the Celebi Special Research quest will be first up, with the Lucky Pokemon feature and silver Pinap Berries added sometime after. Of course, that’s just speculation at this time, and it’s possible that Niantic will wait awhile before releasing the Celebi Special Research quest to the Pokemon-catching masses.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub

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