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Pokemon Go developer Niantic has revealed the Field Research rewards for .

August's Field Research tasks have an Electric theme, focusing on Electric-type Pokemon such as Pikachu, Electrike and Mareep.

Better yet, anybody who collects seven Field Research stamps during the month of August will encounter the Pokemon Raikou.

“Trainers, we have an electrifying announcement for you! August Field Research tasks will focus on Electric-type Pokemon,” reads a Niantic tweet.

“Also, if you collect enough stamps to earn a Research Breakthrough, you'll have an opportunity to catch the Legendary Pokemon Raikou!”

It's ideal for Trainers who don't live by a Pokemon Gym and missed on the Raikou Raids.

In the meantime, players only have a few days left to grab a Snorlax as part of July's Field Research rewards.

The news comes as Niantic introduces Lucky Pokemon to the game.

“Attention, Trainers! Lucky Pokemon are now available!” reads a Niantic tweet. “Start trading with your friends today!”

Lucky Pokemon require less Stardust to power up, but are only available through trading.

“Professor Willow has made an important new discovery about Pokemon!” reads a recent Niantic explainer.

“His findings suggest that Pokemon can take on a new trait when they are traded. The trait's origin is a mystery, and you can experience it soon in Pokemon GO!”

The best way to get a Lucky Pokemon is by trading older Pocket Monsters.

The easiest way to check is by filtering Recent in the Pokemon menu and scrolling to the bottom.

“The longer the Pokemon spends inside a Trainer's Pokemon storage, the higher the chance of them becoming Lucky Pokemon when they are traded,” Niantic continues.

“Whether or not being in storage causes Pokemon to become Lucky Pokemon remains a mystery, but be sure to stay posted for more results from the professor's research.”

Gifts, meanwhile, will now grant XP, and also have a chance of containing Stardust.

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