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Pokemon GO Update Adds Code For Lucky Pokemon, New Berry – Game Rant

players are about to receive a new update that lays the groundwork for some very exciting new features. Yesterday, it was revealed that the update would add new rewards in Gifts and a deeper crawl of the code seems to have also revealed some other exciting additions.

Dataminers analyzing the new Pokemon GO code have uncovered details about Lucky and a new type of Berry. The Lucky Pokemon seem a bit more exciting, so we'll start there…

Although no details have been confirmed just yet, it seems like Lucky Pokemon are going to offer the awesome reward of extremely discounted Stardust costs to power up. Most players would agree that Stardust is the most important resource in the game, so this could be an incredible bonus when applied to the right Pokemon. Initial reports indicated that Lucky Pokemon would take no Stardust to power up, but now dataminers are saying that it's actually a 50% discount and Pokemon GO Spain Twitter account seems to be confirming that.

At this point, there no information about how players obtain a Lucky Pokemon.

Por tu primer intercambio en Pokémon GO y el primer #PokemonGOfriend que te ayudó a llevarlo a cabo. Entrenadores, ¿qué Pokémon recibisteis en el primer intercambio? pic.twitter.com/hpDTocRsie

— Pokémon GO España (@PokemonGOespana) July 22, 2018

A new berry was also found in the APK's static assets, but very little information is known about it at this time. The image looks like a silver Pinap Berry, so players are theorizing that maybe it will serve a similar function, but offer an even bigger candy bonus.

We'll keep an eye out for more official details and update as they are released. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is currently available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub

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