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While many gamers would love to make money by playing video games, few often hit the big leagues like the streamer Ninja. Recently, the Hearthstone  streamer Disguised Toast – who is often on the list of top ten streamers – weighed in on how streamers make money, using his own figures and breaking it down into four categories: donations, ads, subscriptions, and sponsors.

Disguised Toast revealed that his smallest source of income was donations, which is still nothing to be scoffed at. These donations bring in around $2500 per month for him. Not only is that the smallest portion of his income, but also only a bit over half of what he earns from advertisements. According to the Twitch streamer, he makes $4000 monthly in advertisements, but he notes this could be more if he pushed the “show ad” button.

This means from the smallest half of his income, Disguised Toast makes over $6500 in a month's time. Moving up, subscriptions are typically 50/50 with the host Twitch, but the top streamers get a 70/30 deal. As a result, this streamer makes $14,000 dollars a month from his 4000 subscriptions. For comparison, Ninja has 121,000 subs and makes around $423,500/month. Check out Disguised Toast's full explanation below:


Sponsored streams, typically marked with appropriate hashtags, depend on the streamer and the game. These bring in anywhere from 1 cent to $1 per hour, per viewer, totaling anywhere from $100 to $10,000 for a full stream. For context, Ninja broke over 650,000 concurrent viewers when he streamed Fortnite with Drake.

Of course, streaming isn't something simple, and it isn't easy to amass a following like Ninja or even Disguised Toast. For those impressed with Disguised Toast's number, it may be worth checking out how much money Ninja makes, though it's worth mentioning that he stated this some time ago. With Ninja's popularity continuing to skyrocket beyond that just a Twitch streamer, it's likely to be exponentially more.

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