PUBG Mobile introduces lightweight version for Android

As is usually the case with most popular mobile games, PUBG Mobile too has evolved over time and become one big download for its users. However, following the exit of Tencent Holdings from the scene, the company has now announced a new update which drops the size of the game to just 610MB.

Previously, PUBG Mobile weighed close to 2GB, which means that it was one of the heavier games on the mobile space. The heavy size also limited the possibility of playing the game for those that didn't have the best smartphones out there.

PUBG Mobile: Lightweight installation function

The latest updated installation has been announced with the update 1.1 of PUBG Mobile. According to the patch notes this new feature, which will ‘provide a better gaming experience', was pushed out in the form of an update on November 10.

The patch notes suggests that the new installation would amount to 610 MB of storage space on devices. “Download this small pack now to try a smoother and more stable experience. Players can download the content they want in-game. Download the 332 MB pack for better graphics or the 592 MB pack for upgraded visual effects.” it says.

Unfortunately, the minimum download size for iOS remains at 1.63 GB. And the blog does not mention if iOS devices will be receiving this light weight any time soon. The extra resources would have to be downloaded to be played with the blog also suggesting that the download classification has also improved.

In addition, there are rumors that if and when PUBG Mobile India launches, it will probably share this lightweight installation function which would mean it would have a lower download size. This will be helpful for those with limited internet speeds as the game would download faster and be easier to play.

At this moment, while PUBG Mobile India has been announced by the company, it seems the government is less than keen to unban it.

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