PUBG Mobile to release Mysterious Jungle mode on 1 June

Mobile has announced that it will be introducing a new called ‘Mysterious Jungle’. The new mode will be arriving in the battle royale game on 1 .

“Adventure awaits! Make sure you’re prepared to enter the mysterious jungle on 6/1!” a tweet by PUBG Mobile said. The team, however, has not mentioned any specifications and details about the upcoming mode.

According to Tech News, Mysterious Jungle will only be playable on the Sanhok map that was added as part of the 0.18.0 update earlier this month. The update will be going live from June.

Mysterious Jungle will not be released as an Evo-Ground mode. Some gamers will randomly be put into the when playing a classic match on Sanhok, the report said.

The upcoming mode on PUBG mobile will feature a normal classic match. It is also expected to see some thrilling additions to the battlefield such as totems, jungle food and hot air balloons.

The image shows two players looking at a map of Sanhok that suggests that the mode would receive some new scavenger hunts that might be unique.

PUBG Mobile hinted at the debut of the Mysterious Jungle mode at the time of releasing Royale Pass Season 13. It was at that time called the Jungle Adventure mode that was designed to bring totems to grant blessings to the players or give them some in-game supplies.

Last week, PUBG Mobile has advised players not to attack vending machines which are a part of the game’s updated Miramar map. It provides players with energy drinks for the game.

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