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madness, even for mobile, is spreading quite rapidly around the world and it won’t be a stretch to say that it is one of the most popular mobile game on and iOS. Now a new update is going to introduce some new features to the game, which are sure to keep gamers hooked to the app more than they already are. The latest 0.7.0 is now out globally and it has a download size of 1.6 GB on Android and 2.2 GB on iOS.

PUBG new update.

PUBG’s latest update introduces a whole bunch of exciting new features.

The most anticipated feature is undoubtedly ‘ Mode’, which is PUBG’s version of a deathmatch. Teams of 2 and 4 drop into a small playing area to compete with other teams. Unlike in other modes, when a player dies in Mode, they respawn after 30 seconds back into the match.

The objective of a squad or a duo is to get a certain amount of kills within a specified time period. Quite surprisingly, ‘War Mode’ is only available to play on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. Let’s hope the limitation is removed in due time.

Also introduced is the new Mobile Clan system wherein users can create unique clans for working towards earning exclusive awards by climbing through ranks and completing challenges. A new SLR  Rifle has also been added to the game and at the moment, it is exclusive only to the Eragnel map.

The game’s mode will now be supported in custom rooms. There is also a new Like feature wherein players can now give one another LIKEs after a match. The number of LIKEs received will be displayed on a player’s profile page. , as is always the case with major updates, the UI of the game has been refreshed and improved.

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