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While the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds remains far behind its PC counterpart, the developers are still dedicated to adding new content to the game as they build to its full release. The latest update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One is rather significant, adding the new SLR weapon and making a variety of balancing changes, along with the addition of a brand new vehicle.

After downloading the latest update for PUBG on Xbox One, players will be able to find and drive the muscle car Mirado, but only on the Miramar desert map. The Mirado is a four-seat vehicle, so it should be perfect for players who are looking to transport their squad across the map, and it should be a bit faster than the vans and trucks that are typically found in Miramar.

Speaking of vehicles, the new update for PUBG on Xbox One tweaks how boats work in the game. The update makes it so boats now sink when they’re destroyed in the water, which is a nice little detail that should give the game a touch more realism than it had before.

pubg mirado muscle car

Players who are traveling by water may want to be more careful because the update does more than just make boats sink. If players happen to find themselves stranded at sea and need to dive to hide from enemy players, they should note the update has dropped the maximum submersible time from 35 seconds to 15 seconds. Players will also take damage at a faster rate once they start drowning, and recovering their breath will take four seconds instead of just one like it was before.

This change to swimming is clearly an attempt to better balance the game, and we can see that effort being made across the board with the many changes made to weapon and items. Overall, this update for PUBG on Xbox One seems to be one of the most significant yet, but with Microsoft already teasing a new mode to be revealed at Gamescom in August, it seems like fans have plenty more to look forward to in the future.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is out now for Android, iOS, and PC, and is available on Xbox One through early access.

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