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Whether it was the introduction of brand new IPs such as Starfield or the return of favorite franchises like Rage 2, there was a lot of exciting things revealed during the course of E3 2018, with the latter first-person shooter from id Software being one of the games that most impressed us during the annual trade show. Of course, with the forthcoming sequel still set to launch in spring 2019, the developer still has a lot to share about the title, and the studio director, Tim Willits, as recently revealed that it will not contain load times.

This much was confirmed during a recent interview in which Willits discusses how Rage 2 improves upon its predecessor, with the team at id Software having heeded certain mistakes of the original. To be specific, when speaking of the first Rage, the studio director said, “The biggest lesson we learned was, don’t try to make an open world game with a technology that isn’t open world. The loads — you had the first-person combat areas, and then you had the driving areas, and then you had the racing areas. You had all this loading. That made it feel disconnected.”


With Rage having bogged down the fluid exploration between its various sections, id Software decided to ensure “Rage 2 delivers on the promise of Rage,” by making the sequel “seamless among all the environments, from racing to combat to walking into a town.” Perhaps most thrilling of all is that the Willits then went onto confirm, “There are no loads. It’s that sense of going anywhere, doing anything. If you see a mountaintop, you can walk to the top of it.”

Interestingly enough, it also looks as if id Software decided to look outside of itself for inspiration, seemingly taking a cue from Nintendo’s open world action-adventure title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by having Rage 2 players experience an “introduction area of the game” before “the world opens up.” After that, though, those who “want to make a straight line and try to fight the boss, no problem.”

Taking all of this into account, Rage 2 definitely has lots of potential when it comes to giving fans a much more fleshed out version of what the original title was supposed to be. Should the sequel’s frame-rates be on par with or better than the first title, then the pledge of “no loads” infers that Rage 2‘s visuals will be nothing short of stunning.

Rage 2 is set to release in spring 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: VentureBeat


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