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Season 3 of Six has been an interesting one, almost experimental on some levels, as the competitive shooter added in a limited time PvE mode called Outbreak earlier this year. That was followed up with the addition of a pair of Italian operators, one who uses offensively minded cameras and the other that can utilize holograms to confuse and spot enemy players. In advance of the Rainbow Six Siege pro tournament in Paris later this month, Ubisoft the next season 3 operation known as Grim .

Unfortunately, the announcement is more of a tease of what's to come, as Ubisoft is planning a full reveal of Operation Grim Sky on August 17-19 during the Paris pro tournament. One of the major pieces of this update is a first for Rainbow Six Siege. Hereford Training Base, a map that players have been using since the game's beta period is getting completely reworked. Ubisoft has promised that the map will feel familiar but will also look brand new thanks to a refreshed visual identity, changed layout, and updated architecture.

Like previous expansions, Grim Sky including two brand new operators to join the constantly expanding roster of attackers and defenders. The attacking operator comes from the United States Delta Force while the other is a shield-based defender unit from Scotland Yard in Great Britain. Details are scarce at the moment, though teases for the attacker appear to include a blowtorch gadget, an item that seems to align with datamined information from earlier in the year. Ubisoft refers to the defender as a tough police officer who is an expert on mob behavior and can be used on the front line.

Interestingly enough, rumors have recently begun to circulate that the US Delta Force operative is none other than Anthony Perryman aka Nomad, squad leader of the Ghosts in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Reddit users picked up on the fact that Nomad was previously a Delta Force operative and is currently working with some Rainbow Six operatives in a special free story mission inside of Wildlands. While the speculation is an interesting one, there are a few elements that may disprove this theory including the fact that Nomad isn't technically a part of Delta Force any longer and has no real connection to a blowtorch style gadget.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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