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Ubisoft is performing maintenance on its popular military shooter Tom Clancy’s Six: Siege today in preparation of the launch of its next season of new content. Grim is the third season of Siege’s Year 3 update campaign, and it brings two new to the game in addition to a major rework of an existing map.

The publisher performed maintenance on the PC servers for Siege earlier today followed by PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Grim will roll out after Ubisoft finishes cleaning up its servers.

If you haven’t purchased the Year 3 Pass, you’ll have to wait until September 11 to purchase Maverick and Clash separately. You can use either the in-game currency Renown or the premium R6 Credits. This is one of the ways that Ubisoft has continued to benefit from ongoing development of Siege. Players spend a lot of money to get these characters in addition to cosmetic items to decorate their heroes.

Grim Sky follows Operation Para Bellum, which launched in June. That introduced two new defensive characters and map changes of its own.

The two new operators are Maverick and Clash. Maverick is an American attacking hero who has a handheld torch that enables players to breach even the toughest obstacles. Clash is a British defending hero who has a massive electric shield to cutoff aggressive pushes from the enemy team.

Players who own the Year 3 Season Pass for Rainbow Six: Siege will get access to Maverick and Clash beginning today. This is an early access benefit for players who spend the money to get guaranteed access to all of the non-cosmetic updates in Year 3.

Finally, the Hereford Base map should start looking different for everyone beginning today. Ubisoft worked to rebalance this training-base location, which should also give it a different moment-to-moment flow during matches. The idea is to make it viable for esports competitions.

Ubisoft says that the Hereford Base rework is so extensive that you should treat it as a new map. Visually, the locale is maintaining its overall feel, but you can expect more details and rooms that feature additional elements to fit the training-base theme.

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