Red Dead Online: Where to Find All Farmland Habitat Animals

Harriet Davenport wants samples of 11 Farmland Habitat animals in Red Dead , and this guide details where to them all.

Red Dead Online‘s Harriet Davenport will happily pay players for samples that they take from animals that live in a variety of different habitats. One of the habitats that she is particularly interested in is the farmland, and indeed there are 11 different Farmland Habitat animals that fans should focus their attention on. These animals include a variety of pigs, bulls, and more, and fortunately they are all fairly easy to locate with just a bit of instruction.

Before getting into the locations of the Farmland Habitat animals in Red Dead Online, though, it is worth mentioning that players that are on the hunt for samples should not be killing these species when they find them. They should instead be shooting the animals with sedatives inserted into a Varmint Rifle, which can be purchased from Harriet if needed, and fans will be able to take samples from these creatures once they have collapsed.

Red Dead Online: All Farmland Habitat Animal Locations

  • Devon Bull: Northeast of the Heartland Oil Fields
  • Angus Bull: Northeast of the Heartland Oil Fields
  • Hereford Bull: Northeast of the Heartland Oil Fields
  • Angus Ox: Around RDO‘s Emerald Ranch
  • Devon Ox: Around Emerald Ranch
  • Florida Cracker Cow: At Emerald Ranch and northeast of the Heartland Oil Fields
  • Big China Pig: At the barn in Valentine
  • Old Spot Pig: At the barn in Valentine
  • Berkshire Pig: At the barn in RDO‘s Valentine
  • Alpine Goat: In a pen at Emerald Ranch
  • Merino Sheep: At the ranch in Valentine or Emerald Ranch

Considering that Red Dead Online players are able to find all 11 of the game's Farmland Habitat animals simply by visiting Valentine and Emerald Ranch (and its surrounding areas), it should be fairly easy for them to collect samples from every one of them. When that has been done, fans can return to Harriet and sell the samples for a small profit, some XP, and stamps. They can then navigate to the Animal Field Guide section of the Naturalist menu to trade in the stamps and receive an additional $60 and 1,000 XP.

From there, players are free to collect the samples from RDO‘s Farmland Habitat animals again, and the process outlined above can be repeated ad infinitum for further rewards. Alternatively, fans can work on collecting samples from animals that live in the Desert Habitat, the Wetland Habitat, and beyond for Harriet, though those species may not be quite as easy to locate as what has already been detailed in this guide.

Red Dead Online is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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