Resident Evil 2 Devs Share Scrapped Concepts for the Game

During a recent round table discussion, Resident 2 developers got together and discussed some of the scrapped concepts they had for the highly-reviewed remake. These ideas include, but are not limited to, a fixed camera, new enemies, new enemy designs, and extended sequences.
Beyond a fixed-camera perspective similar to the original 1998 release, Capcom also toyed with a first-person mode for Resident Evil 2. It seems that the developers ultimately decided against it, and went with the over-the-shoulder camera in the end.

As far as the enemies go, the Resident Evil 2 devs discussed the idea of adding new enemies and changing up enemy designs. The new enemy would have been known as “the Condemned,” and they would have appeared in the Orphanage. They were meant to be a new jump scare, but the idea never made it beyond early design (it can be seen below). Resident Evil 2 developers also considered a more military-like approach for the Tyrant, but that was also scrapped in favor of a more urban character model.

resident evil 2 first person

resident evil 2 condemned concept

resident evil 2 tyrant
The developers also considered adding a driving sequence and a sequence with the cable cars. After all, the goal is to initially escape Raccoon City before getting involved with Umbrella. They also thought about adding a more-detailed alligator sequence, one that involved a crane, and a more elaborate G2 fight with pillars and a way of electrocuting the Resident Evil 2 enemy. Ultimately, it seems these ideas were decided against, and in some cases, simplified.

re2 alligator re2 cable car concepts

At the end of the day, though, Resident Evil 2 had a stellar launch without these scrapped concepts. Not only did we praise it effusively in our review of Capcom’s remake, but it has maintained a strong 90 average on Metacritic. It’s too early to really discuss of the Year for 2019, but for many, this Resident Evil 2 remake may very well be at the top of that list.

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