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From what we saw at E3 2018, it looks as though the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake will be a faithful retelling of the 1998 survival-horror classic. To that end, the trailers featured up-close looks at some returning characters and monsters, with the exception of the mysterious Ada Wong. However, while Ada Wong wasn’t given a proper reveal at E3, there is one character from the PlayStation Showcase trailer who is almost certainly her.

The E3 2018 PlayStation Showcase footage of Resident Evil 2 features a brief look at a character shrouded completely in darkness. It’s impossible to make out any details of this person’s face, but based on their wardrobe and hair style, it’s likely that they are Ada Wong. In the trailer, Wong appears to be wearing a trench coat and heels, and is armed with a handgun.

Check out the character from the E3 2018 Resident Evil 2 footage who many believe is Ada Wong:

resident evil 2 remake ada wong

If Resident Evil 2 fans need more evidence that this mysterious character is Ada Wong, they just need to take a look at where the character is standing. As some may recall, Leon S. Kennedy first meets Ada Wong in the Raccoon City Police Department parking garage, though her outfit in the original release is quite different.

Some fans may be wondering why Capcom has decided to change Ada Wong’s appearance in the Resident Evil 2 remake, and as it turns out, there is a pretty interesting reason. Original concept art for Resident Evil 2 actually featured Ada Wong in a trench coat, which is the same reason why Mr. X is seen wearing a hat in other parts of the trailer.

While it’s possible the character in the trench coat is someone else, it seems unlikely that it would be anyone other than Ada Wong. And her inclusion in the game is just yet another way that Capcom is keeping the spirit of the original intact. The company is not only offering a faithful retelling of Resident Evil 2‘s story, but it’s also bringing back popular characters, like Ada, as well as some of the game’s most notorious monsters, like the aforementioned Mr. X and a mutated alligator.

Resident Evil 2 launches January 25, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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