Resident Evil 2 Remake On PC Has A Fantastic Graphics Menu

Resident 2 is getting positive reviews from both critics and fans. I've been playing the game and I have to agree with most folks thoughts on the game. The RE2 remake feels like a wonderful mix of classic Resident Evil gameplay and modern Resident Evil mechanics. But I don't see as many people praising the graphics in the PC port of Resident Evil 2.

It's a perfect example of how these types of menus should work and more games should have settings like RE2.

I recently bought a new computer after years of not having a rig that could run modern games. Now I can finally play new releases without my computer buckling and catching on fire. But while I enjoy PC gaming, I'm not as knowledgeable with some of the more technical aspects and terms.

I know what Vsync means and how resolutions work. But when a PC game has a setting for something like “Mesh Quality” or “Chromatic Aberration” I usually have to go and check Google for what that means and how it effects the game I'm playing.

Resident Evil 2‘s graphics menu solves this problem and makes it easy for any player to quickly figure out what all these things mean and how they will effect gameplay.

In the settings menu, RE2 shows players screenshots showing how the setting you are changing will alter the game. It is a simple and effective way to show the player what their tinkering with. I wasn't really sure what lens distortion would effect and so I flipped it on and off and I could visually figure it out in a few seconds.

Another great feature of this menu is all the different bars representing how demanding each setting is. I have a solid video card, but my processor isn't amazing. So these bars let me balance the game's settings.

Unfortunately I'm running into a bug that shows I have zero graphics memory, but still seeing the numbers change in real time as I mess with settings helped tremendously.

Best of all, you can change all of these settings and not have to restart your game. GTA V has a similar graphics menu, but almost every change requires a full restart of the game. Which is annoying. RE2 lets me change stuff on the fly and instantly get back into the action.

Resident Evil 2 isn't the first game to have a robust and easy to use graphics menu, but far too many PC games seem to ship with limited settings or menus that don't visually explain what you're changing.

Hopefully in the future we will see more and more games with robust and useful graphics menus.

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