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Fans were very excited when Capcom announced that it would release a of the classic horror game, Resident Evil 2. So far, Capcom has released a story trailer for the remake that features fan-favorite characters like Ada Wong, as well as some screenshots of Claire Redfield, who is getting a new look in the remake. This week, Capcom has finally revealed more about Claire Redfield in a very substantial video.

The gameplay demo video below shows off almost thirty minutes of footage from Resident Evil 2 on PlayStation 4 with comments by Kat and Matthew, who are Community Managers for Capcom. In the video, fans can see the variety of weapons that Claire Redfield will have access to including a sub-machine gun and even a grenade launcher. Kat also mentions that there is going to be a lot to do in the game, and players will oftentimes have to come back to certain areas to fully explore them.

This gameplay demo also shows off combat between Claire and a monster. In the footage Claire has close melee attacks, which will help her deal with monsters that can appear unexpectedly. All these new features confirm the fact that Resident Evil 2 is not just a remake of the original game, but that it has new content added to the foundation of the original.

Of course, many fans have been asking for a public demo of the game in the comments on the video, but unfortunately Capcom has not revealed any details yet. It is clear that fans are very excited for the game, and the beautiful graphics, as well as the fact that Resident Evil 2 stole the show at E3 this year, indicates that fans have a lot to look forward to.

Resident Evil 2 releases on January 25, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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