Datamined File Hints That Resident Evil 3 Coming to the Switch

Dataminers discover evidence of a possible Resident 3 release on the Nintendo Switch, which will allegedly utilize cloud gaming tech.

Capcom has poured a number of its older Resident Evil titles onto the Switch, but the newer games, like the Resident Evil remakes, have been notably absent. While a leak from earlier this year claimed that Resident Evil 3‘s remake would come to the Switch, nothing seemed to come of it, but now new evidence is pointing in that direction again.

Following the drop of a surprise Nintendo Mini-Direct, Control released onto the Nintendo Switch courtesy of cloud gaming technology. While that may seem irrelevant to Resident Evil, the release of Control ultimately led to the discovery of a potential Resident Evil 3 Cloud Version.

Earlier today, apparent evidence of Resident Evil 3 Cloud Version surfaced via datamining the Control Ultimate Edition Cloud Version website. An image of Resident Evil 3 protagonists Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira, which was previously used as the cover art for Resident Evil 3, was discovered with the text ‘Resident Evil 3 Cloud Version‘ emblazoned over it. Shortly after the discovery was posted online, the noticeably went missing on the cloud streaming site.

For now, it remains to be seen if this turns out to be a legitimate release or not. It wouldn't be the first time that the Nintendo Switch has seen one of the more technologically advanced Resident Evil games launch on the platform via cloud streaming, though. Resident Evil 7 previously released for the Switch via streaming, as the game is too technically demanding for the Switch to handle it on its own.

While this might get some Resident Evil fans excited to take RE 3 on the go, even if the leak turns out to be legitimate, there's unfortunately no guarantee that everyone will be able to enjoy the game. Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version only released in Japan, and no announcements have been made regarding launching it elsewhere. With cloud streaming now being utilized more on the Switch outside of Japan, it's possible that could change, but players shouldn't count on it just yet.

As the Switch is an incredibly portable handheld/console hybrid system, it makes sense to make up for the console's shortcomings in pure power by utilizing cloud streaming. With the creation of services like xCloud, Stadia, and even the new Amazon Luna, cloud streamed games are becoming more popular. Of course, if Nintendo wants more cloud streamed games to make up for the Switch's shortcomings, that may create some doubts regarding the legitimacy of a Nintendo Switch Pro being in the works. Fans of the Switch and Resident Evil will just have to wait and see what's coming.

Resident Evil 3 is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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