Resident Evil 4 Fan Recreates Canyon Area in Far Cry 5

Perhaps one of the most famous levels in is the canyon level early on, and a fan manages to recreate it using an up-to-date engine.

Ever since it was released way back in 2005, has consistently ranked among the community and critics' top entry in the entire series, even accounting for the newer titles. While RE4 may not be the scariest installment, its shift into a more action-focused game, while ditching the fixed camera perspective of the previous three entries, was welcomed with open arms. There are some truly memorable moments and set pieces from the game, and one person has managed to recreate one of those aspects in a more up-to-date engine.

Uploading a number of images to Reddit yesterday, a fan of both Resident Evil 4 and Far Cry 5 has managed to recreate the canyon level from the former in the latter's game engine. The user said it took them around six hours to complete, and it shows, given the sheer amount of detail that has gone into this faithful recreation of a classic sequence. They also said that they've done RE4's opening village level, which is probably the most iconic set piece in the whole game, as well as the church and graveyard. One user recommended they also make the castle chamber as well as the underground tomb room.

Unsurprisingly, there's been a lot of praise lavished on the creator, who has used the Far Cry 5 engine to help bring this memorable Resident Evil moment into a more modern gaming era. While these are just images, though admittedly very detailed and accurate to the original, it's so far the closest fans will get to a possible Resident Evil 4 remake, but it does show what it could possibly look like through a more modern lens.

Fans are seemingly only too keen to use the Far Cry 5 engine, which is called Dunia and based off the CryEngine from the Crysis games, to do all sorts of interesting things that give older titles a bit of visual polish. Take the person who remade Skyrim's Breezehome in Far Cry, or the sadly pulled complete Goldeneye remake. It clearly shows that Dunia has a lot of versatility and the potential to have beloved franchises reimagined in its software.

With the VR version of Resident Evil 4 releasing soon, and the Reddit user recreating an iconic level, it goes to show just how much fans love this entry in the series. By this definition, it seems that a remake of the 16-year-old game is something Capcom should seriously consider doing, if they aren't already developing it.

Resident Evil 4 VR will be out on October 21 for the Oculus Quest 2.

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