Resident Evil 8 Leak Reveals Title, Chris Redfield Returns

The Evil franchise has been revitalized after recent remakes of its classic titles 2 and 3. The critical and commercial success of Resident Evil 2 and 3 has made many players excited for a completely new story that utilizes similar mechanics. A leaked rumor has now shed some light on the direction Resident Evil 8  may take, and many fans will be pleased with how it honors previous titles while looking to add new elements.

The Resident Evil franchise began in 1996 and helped define the survival-horror genre. Since then the franchise has managed to consistently release games, although fans have differing opinions on the quality of particular titles. Naturally, a franchise that has an impressive following has speculation surrounding its future and if the latest leak is to be believed it seems that previous rumors carried some weight.

The anonymous leak detailed the setting, the antagonist, and hints at how characters will interact with one and another. The plot is rumored to be set in Eastern Europe in a village, which is also said to be part of the full title which will be “Resident Evil 8: The Village“. It is also thought that flashbacks and hallucinations will play a part in a who can the player trust dynamic. There had already been rumors of hallucinations being a key part of Resident Evil 8 and this seems to be the case.

Series regular Redfield is in one of the flashbacks alongside Ethan, Mia, and what seems to be their baby, only the character doesn't seem to be taking on a heroic role and seems disheveled. In that sense, the key protagonist is still unclear.  In terms of an antagonist, a Witch who can utilize insects is set to be the enemy, similarly to what was seen in Resident Evil 7. The frequent leaker of game news, Twitter user AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem, has also suggested that the game is on the horizon.

It seems that Resident Evil 8 will build on its linear predecessor and will add in new elements to the franchise. With that said, rumors suggest that this title was originally intended to be Revelations 3 but was so positively received that it was pushed up as a main title, much like Resident Evil 3.  The current release date is speculated to be in Q1 of 2021 but fans should take that with a pinch of salt because of the current pandemic and the unsubstantiated nature of all these details.

Many will be excited by these numerous claims, but these details will need to be confirmed by Capcom. Nevertheless, if Resident Evil 8 can live up to the likes of Resident Evil 2 & 3 fans will be in for a gory treat.

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