Saga raises $3.6M to make metaverse middleware

has raised $3.6 million to make the of the , the universe of virtual worlds that are all interconnected, like in novels such as Snow Crash and Ready Player One.

Saga is a decentralized gaming community with a focus on expanding and enriching the metaverse through building chain-agnostic market tooling, championing emerging projects, and unlocking the power of metaverse owners, builders, and players across the globe. It can do so with cross-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which authenticate unique digital items using the blockchain.

Saga’s priority is to work with regulation-compliant, triple-A projects backed by professionals with deep gaming roots. By securing properties and resources traditionally only available to the wealthiest, Saga said it can empower gamers and provide governance regarding a significant portion of in-game economies to the players that most value these games.

Saga plans to form a series of game-specific councils recruited through its Soulbound system – a meritocracy that rewards real gamers. You will not be able to simply buy yourself onto a council, nor must you beg for a slot in some Discord chat.

You will earn your position in Soulbound through play in the games you already value. Pledging and attaining a role on a council will grant benefits and responsibilities in equal measure.

Over time, Saga believes this player-centered approach will attract the best minds in gaming that want to see blockchain gaming grow and thrive around the globe. Using Soulbound as the foundation, SAGA will build tiered integrations and smart contract tooling to help this next evolution of gaming and social connection.

Animoca Brands led the round with participation by Delta Blockchain Fund, Genblock Capital, Moonchain Capital, Compute Ventures, NGC Ventures, Highstreet Ventures, M31 Capital, TsingTing Capital, Metal VC, PANONY, Rainmaker Games, Everest Ventures Group, vEmpire, SL2 Capital, and AAG Ventures.

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