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Despite the fact that only 12% of Android devices will run the popular battle royale game smoothly, Fortnite‘s release on Android mobile devices is highly desired by fans, even knowing that the game is targeting high-end Samsung devices. Now, according to a recent datamine, there will be a promotion for one of these mobiles, namely the Samsung Note 9.

By digging into the website’s code and entitlement API, a dataminer discovered code that suggested there is a “Samsung Preorder 15000 V-bucks Promo.” While this code doesn’t directly state that the Fortnite promo applies to the Note 9, it is the only device that will be available soon for pre-ordering, meaning that it is the only phone for which this promo could apply.

This promotional offer is supported by recent rumors that stated pre-order promotions for this phone would be worth about $150, which is the approximate value of 15,000 V-bucks. Moreover, this deal between Epic Games and Samsung provides a great incentive for Fortnite players looking for a new phone, as that will provide players with plenty of skins, emotes, and more. Check out the code below:

fortnite code for android release promo

For those considering picking up the phone for the aforementioned promo, which should be officially revealed soon, it’s worth mentioning that Epic Games has confirmed that it won’t be available through the Google Play store. Instead, Epic will be bringing the game to its player via its own installer, as the founder wants to bring the game straight to his company’s customers. However, the founder Tim Sweeney would also go on to suggest that the Google Play “store tax” is just too much.

Nevertheless, although Epic nor Samsung have yet to comment on this promo, it seems likely an official confirmation will come soon, perhaps with an official release date for Fortnite on Android devices. Players may want to know that there will be a timed exclusivity for Galaxy products, which also makes this datamine seem much more likely. Hopefully, solid details are revealed soon, so check back for more news on Fortnite for Android.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices. A release on Android is expected later this summer.

Source: XDA

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