Sea Of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush among Xbox games confirmed for PS5

Microsoft has confirmed Pentiment, Hi-Fi Rush, Grounded and are all coming to PlayStation 5, with some getting physical versions.

A week after Microsoft confirmed four exclusives would be heading to rival platforms, the company has officially revealed the games coming to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

Grounded and Pentiment were both announced for Switch during this week's Nintendo Direct but, mere hours later, Microsoft published a blog post stating both these games, along with Hi-Fi Rush and Sea Of Thieves, are also heading to PlayStation consoles.

Pentiment is officially out today (February 22) on Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Developed by Obsidian, the game is a narrative role-playing adventure set in Bavaria, Germany in the 16th century.

Grounded, a co-op survival shooter also from Obsidian, sees you play as four teenagers who have been shrunk to the size of an ant in a backyard. It will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch on April 16, with online crossplay support across all platforms including Xbox and PC.

Online pirate adventure game Sea Of Thieves, meanwhile, will be released on PlayStation 5 on April 30, which marks the first time developer Rare has ever launched a title on a PlayStation platform in its 40-year history.

Hi-Fi Rush, which was heavily rumoured for Nintendo Switch, has only been confirmed for PlayStation 5. The rhythm-based action platformer from Tango Gameworks will launch on the platform on March 19.

While it's unclear if Hi-Fi Rush will ever come to the Switch, Insider Gaming reports that a port might instead be planned for the Switch 2, which is rumoured to launch in early 2025. It would make sense from a technical perspective, as Hi-Fi Rush is a more visually demanding title than the others listed.

Both Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment are also getting physical versions for the first time. Pre-orders are up now for Pentiment on Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on Limited Run Games, with more details on Hi-Fi Rush to come down the line.

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