Skyrim Together Reborn Multiplayer co-op mod coming on July 8th

You could already be aware of a co-op mod for , referred to as Together. The mod has been a protracted work in progress, experiencing numerous setbacks earlier than primarily beginning yet again in 2019. Now, the modders have revealed the release date of Skyrim together Multiplayer co-op mod on July 8th.

The creators shared this on Reddit. It was originally intended to launch as a beta version, but the announcement states that last-minute improvements mean it may be fully released as version 1.0 instead.

The team has also clarified that the experience will not be perfect as it will occasionally crash, break some quests and have bugs. Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed, as it is almost impossible to convert a single-player game into a multiplayer game without errors.

While there will be bugs, the student development team claims it’s playable, fun, and much better than their previous project, Together.

How to download and install

You can download and need the Skyrim Together Reborn mod on July 8th from Nexus special edition 1.6 on Steam to install and play.

VR, Legendary, and Game Pass editions are not supported. It is also recommended to play without the Anniversary Upgrade.

You can check those Skyrim special edition Game files via Steam to update from 1.5 to 1.6 if needed. Try this Skyrim Together Reborn Wiki for the FAQ and further instructions.

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