Sony announced God of War is coming to PC on January 14 2022

God of War was a huge hit for when it launched on PS4 back in 2018, now PC gamers are finally going to get to enjoy the experience in an enhanced form.

Sony has announced that the Santa Monica Studio-developed game is launching for PC on Jan. 14 next year, offering us some fresh entertainment during the post-Christmas and new year lull. And it’s going to look and play better than the PS4 version if you have the gaming rig to support it.

As well as offering a true 4K resolution and unlocked frame rates, Sony is promising “a wide range of graphical presets and options so you can fine-tune your visual experience based on your setup.” High-resolution shadows, screen space reflections, ambient occlusion with GTAO and SSDO settings will be available, as will support for Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) if you own a GeForce RTX graphics card.

As well as the potential for this game to look stunning, Sony has added support for 21:9 ultra-widescreen support and Nvidia Reflex for “a more responsive experience.” You can play the game with a keyboard and mouse, but both the DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers will be supported, as will a wide-range of other controller types.

Alongside the base game, Sony is including DLC in the form of Death’s Vow Armor Sets for Kratos and Atreus, an Exile’s Guardian Shield Skin, a Buckler of the Forge Shield Skin, a Shining Elven Soul Shield Skin, and a Dökkenshieldr Shield Skin. God of War for PC is already available to pre-order on Steam or the Epic Games Store for $49.99.

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