Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection Releases New Update

The update to Wars Classic Collection on Steam has been made available on all console versions of the game. Players on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S can now update to the latest version of Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection.

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection was released by Aspyr on March 14. It includes both Star Wars Battlefront (Classic) and Star Wars Battlefront 2, with both games featuring bonus content. Following much criticism and feedback, the developer released a patch update less than one week after release. Update 1 to Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection was released for the Steam version of the game on March 19. As of March 29, it is now available on consoles as well.

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Aspyr announced that Update 1 is now available for consoles, along with the same notes of what was fixed first in the Steam version. Notable bug fixes for gameplay include better visibility of control options, such as inverting the Y-Axis. The update also fixes some map display problems, like a small white cube that appeared in front of some openable doors. Issues related to audio, including a rare crash occurrence, were addressed as well. The patch also fixes minor issues with Kit Fisto and Asajj Ventress when they are chosen as characters in Hero Assault in Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection.

Since its release, there has been considerable criticism directed toward the game. There is still controversy over Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection using a fan-made mod for its bonus content. Reviews for the game continue to trend mediocre, but Update 1 is meant to assuage many of these critiques in order to give players a better gaming experience.

Although early reviews have generally not been kind, many players continue to find entertainment value in this updated collection of games. Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection's updated graphics have been one source of positive feedback. Several graphics bugs are addressed and fixed in Update 1 as well. In particular, many visual interactive aspects of the player menus are addressed.

The update should rouse some player interest in Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection. Aspyr commented that players should expect a better experience in multiplayer across all consoles. There have been significant changes made behind the scenes regarding dedicated servers.

The developer also promises Update 2 will be in the near future for Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection.

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