Street Fighter 6 Introduce New ‘Drive’ System, Modern Control Scheme

Capcom's upcoming Street Fighter 6 will have a new mechanic known as the ‘' System, along with a ‘modern' scheme for new players.

Sony's recent State of Play presentation gave fans a look at some upcoming PS4 and PS5 games. This includes first-party titles such as Horizon Call of the Mountain and third-party titles such as The Callisto Protocol and Final Fantasy 16. The ones who likely walked away the happiest however, are Capcom fans, with trailers for the Resident Evil 4 Remake and Street Fighter 6 being the highlights of the presentation.

The trailer for Street Fighter 6 at the recent State of Play revealed a number of new details for the game, which show off the many ways fans can play. This includes the game's refined combat mechanics, new single-player adventure mode, and a set of new and returning characters. Fans were introduced to Street Fighter veteran Chun-Li as well as the newcomer Jamie along with their gameplay. Shortly after the trailer was released, a blog post on PlayStation's website covered a few things that weren't shown in the trailer.

One of these is Street Fighter 6‘s new gameplay features, which is known as the “Drive” system according to the post. This new system will allow for experimentation, with five different techniques that can be utilized when the Drive Gauge is filled. These can be used to enhance a player's offensive or defensive options, which include a Parry that can repel an attack that refills their own gauge, or an Overdrive Art which is similar to EX Special Moves from past Street Fighters.

Alongside these new techniques is a new way for players to learn the mechanics of Street Fighter 6. This includes a “Classic” and “Modern” control scheme available for gamers to try. The classic control scheme retains the six-button layout that most veteran fans expect, with the same fighting game inputs from past games. The new Modern control scheme allows for easier inputs, with one button being dedicated to the Special moves, and different directional inputs allowing for specials to be used. The post notes that this control type is perfect for new players or those who struggle with classic command inputs from previous Street Fighter games. avg driver updater 2.2.3 key

The final note left for fans on this blog post are the two new modes that were showcased in Street Fighter 6‘s trailer, World Tour and Battle Hub. World Tour is described as the game's single-player mode, where players will use an avatar character to explore the world of Metro City. The Battle Hub on the other hand is promised to be a place that will feature more than just online matches, with more details about both of these modes going to be revealed in the future.

Street Fighter 6 will launch in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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