The Division 2: Where is Henry Hayes

In The 2, players are eventually given a mission to speak with Hayes, and this seems to be giving people some trouble. Before we get to why some Division 2 players may simply be unable to find Henry Hayes right now, though, we'll explain where most players can find him in the game.

Henry Hayes is located at Washington, D.C's Campus settlement, so players have to advance to that point in the game to get to him. If they fast travel to the Campus, they will be positioned right at the Campus's entrance. They can then just run straight ahead to the center of town, with the tree in the middle and the small, blue Administration building right behind it.

There is a grey shipping container here, and players should be able to interact with the door to talk to Henry Hayes. Players can then watch the cut-scene and continue the story as normal. However, for some Division 2 players, finding Henry Hayes and talking to him isn't going to be this easy.

It appears as though this particular mission is bugged and preventing some Division 2 players from ever talking to Henry Hayes. A quick trip to The Division 2‘s Reddit page shows multiple people unable to interact with the shipping container door that leads to Hayes, meaning they effectively can't continue the story. This is a rather unfortunate bug, as it prevents players from getting to The Division 2‘s endgame content, which is where much of the fun lies.

Ubisoft has apparently acknowledged the bug and is working on a fix, but it has yet to be patched out of the game at the time of this writing. It's unclear exactly how widespread the Henry Hayes bug is, but it doesn't appear to be impacting a huge number of players. In general, The Division 2 launch seems to have gone mostly well compared to other online games, though it has had some technical issues.

For the sake of the people who can't talk to Henry Hayes in The Division 2, here's hoping Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment release a fix sooner rather than later.

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