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After The Division took players to Manhattan in 2016, The Division 2 will take players to Washington D.C. where they’ll be able to duke it out at some of the United States’ most recognizable monuments. Fans of the franchise have already gotten a glimpse of the game’s new setting in the gameplay footage that was showcased at E3 2018, but it seems that that may have barely touched upon The Division 2‘s overall scale.

The Division 2 website has now been updated to give fans a better idea of what they’ll get up to when the game launches next year. In the story section, it is explained that The Division 2 will offer a 1:1 recreation of Washington D.C., stating that the game world will seem “more authentic than ever.” It also explains that players will get “up-close-and-personal views” of the various landmarks in the nation’s capital and there will also be natural landscapes, neighborhoods, and enemy hideouts.

With a game world of that size and scale, there’s the understandable concern that The Division 2 will not have enough for players to do. While the game’s version of Washington D.C. may look wonderful and may include all of the things that fans to see in the city, they won’t want it to be all style but no substance.

The Division 2 Washington D.C. details

Though, there have been positive comments from developer Massive Entertainment which indicate that it is doing a lot to address issues of lack of content in the upcoming shooter. For example, The Division 2 will feature eight-player raids that offer players a chance to show off their skills at the game. Ubisoft has also told fans to expect a substantial amount of end-game content, so there will hopefully be plenty of chances for players to make use of their most powerful loot.

On top of all of this content included in the base game, Massive Entertainment has even begun to discuss The Division 2‘s post-launch content. In an interview at E3 2018, creative director Julian Gerighty hinted that the team is already working on The Division 2‘s version of the Survival expansion DLC. It has also been confirmed that DLC released in the game’s first year will be available to players for free, meaning that there won’t even be paywalls to all of this extra content. The Division 2‘s version of Washington D.C. may be big then, but Massive Entertainment’s plans to fill it with content seem to be even bigger.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will be available on March 15, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft

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