There’s A New BurgerTime Game On Switch Today, And It’s Not Bad

Launching exclusively for the Nintendo , BurgerTime Party gives the Data East arcade classic a cartoon makeover, with burger-building challenges for up to four players. I've played a bit of the game and can safely say that dropping insentient food on sentient food never gets old.

There's a reason game makers keep coming back to BurgerTime. No matter how ridiculously the theme is twisted, dropping burger fixins by walking over them is super satisfying, especially when you drop the angry hot dog, pickle, or fried egg creature that's chasing you along with it. BurgerTime Party captures that falling-food magic. Once I start playing, it's hard to put down.

This latest version, developed by Japanese game developer G-Mode, gives Chef Peter Pepper and his food foes a retro cartoon makeover reminiscent of the style seen in Cuphead. Peter is a sly rascal, thumbing his nose at his pursuers, peppering them into submission. The goal of every stage is to drop hamburger (and hot dog) ingredients to the bottom of the screen. BurgerTime Party mixes things up with frozen floors, crumbling ladders, power-ups, and various other hazards.

The game features multiple modes, including solo challenges on smaller stages, larger stages for onefour-player local multiplayer, and a battle mode for two to four players.

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