Top 5 Best Minecraft Armor Enchantments in June 2022

features a plethora of enchantments for all of the gear, making it tough to choose which is the finest. It is obvious that as players go through the Minecraft world, they will come across the enchantment part of the game eventually. The enchantments, especially for , are necessary for completing the game’s most complex situations, as they are used to improve the attributes of the thing to which they are attached.

With so many enchantment alternatives to choose from, gamers are at a loss as to which one to pick. So, in this post, you will get to know the top 5 best Minecraft Enchantments for in June 2022.

Top 5 Best Minecraft Enchantments

Protection IV

It shields the user against many forms of threats, including fighting, magma, burning, and even dropping. In Minecraft, the Protection enchantment is perhaps the most often used armor enchantment. It’s versatile and may be used on all four pieces of armor: the helmet, chest plate, leggings, and boots. It is among the best Minecraft Enchantments for armor as of June 2022.

Aqua Affinity

Mining is an important feature of the game and one of the most important aspects of Minecraft. Whenever it is used beneath the water, it boosts the mining speed. When you’re underwater, it typically takes 5 times as long as conventional mining. Aqua Affinity is great for obtaining gold in underwater monasteries and ocean ecosystems.


Mending is more of a bonus that may be applied to any tool or weapon in the game. Probably players won’t find any enchant that is as practical and useful as this one. It simply uses up your earned Experience Points to restore the durability of your armor. It is one of the best Minecraft enchantments for armor in June 2022. It mainly focuses on restoring the endurance of the gear by consuming the XP awarded from every enemy.

Thorns III

This enchantment’s 4th level has approx 70 percent chance of dealing reversal harm to the opponent. Thorns also trigger the opponent to be knocked back, allowing you to flee. Thorns III is an enchant that does damage to opponents. It is one of the best Minecraft enchantments for armor. In most circumstances, it is not worth employing because it causes your armor to shatter more quickly.


The item’s resistance is essentially increased as a result of this. Although, it does lower the likelihood of your armor’s durability deteriorating. Unbreaking’s operating method is substantially different from that of the abovementioned enchantments. At the optimum capability of unbreaking, the armor has a 30% decreased probability of losing endurance. Last but not the least, Unbreaking is among the best Minecraft enchantments for armor as of June 2022.

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