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Sometimes, all you want to do is give peeps a dose of medicine.

The nostalgia train has been going all-out with the release of Two-Point last week. For all intents and purposes, it's a modern Theme Hospital, but with a look and style of gameplay that closely mirrors the Bullfrog original.

And, despite some bugs and quirks, fans have appreciated the direction. The game has an 81% user rating from just over 2200 at the time of writing, with the majority of reviews noting “this is a new Theme Hospital” or some variation thereof.

Positive reviews praised the authenticity of Two-Point Hospital‘s theme, the absurdity of diseases, added customisations, objectives system, humour and more basic options (like alternate room designs other than square/rectangular shapes).

Critics noted that the game is missing some features with the management system, quirks with NPC pathfinding, difficulty in managing larger hospitals due to issues around AI priorities, a bug that corrupts save files, inability to copy/paste room templates, performance issues with larger hospitals, and issues with patients not eating or drinking.

Here's what people are saying about Two-Point Hospital:

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