Uber hits a new milestone, completes 10 billion trips across deliveries and rides | Gaming

Uber has announced that on 10 June, “173 trips and started simultaneously at 10:12 pm GMT, putting us over 10 completed trips”. These trips happened in over 21 countries across five continents.

Around this time last year, Uber had announced completing five billion trips. A year later, that number has doubled.

Uber shares that among the final milestone rides, the shortest trip was an Uber Eats delivery, clocking in at just over 800 m, while the longest trip was a traveller taking a 66-kilometre ride to the airport in Denver. Also, of these, five riders were on their first Uber trips ever.


This news from Uber comes amid the ongoing struggles of the company when it was sued and investigated for gender and race discrimination, it revealed a massive data breach which, at one point, it tried to conceal. The company was also sued over the data breach, issued layoffs and replaced its CEO.

In addition to that, Uber is also under continuous scrutiny into how it treats and pays its drivers, a fatal crash involving one of its self-driving cars, many sexual assault and harassment accusations against its driver partners. In London, it is facing multiple issues from authorities and local cab drivers as well.

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