Ubisoft extends partnership with Anzu for in-game advertising

Ubisoft and announced today they are extending their . The two companies say they have found success with their in games like Trackmania and Growtopia.

Ubisoft’s implementation of ’s in-game advertising to Trackmania has proven effective. With in-game objects like banners and billboards having the ads on, the advertisement was smooth and seamless. Since last year, Anzu has brought some big names into Trackmania, including Samsung, Microsoft, American Eagle, and Vodafone. The campaign worked wonders creating a 176% lift in campaign awareness and a 20% lift in brand consideration.

Two firms’ collaboration was premiered as a part of DIGI1 by Gamevention online gaming convention, with the four popular streamers stream of the new version of Trackmania. In that version, Vodafone ads were implemented in banners of the game.

This partnership had shown the world of opportunities for other companies to benefit from when they have in-game ads for their games. The acceptance rate was also rather high between Trackmania players, due to the success of blending the ads into the game in such a seamless way. The overall positivity has led to the greater recognition of the campaign, helping to get Anzu the Best Tech Platform of the Year award, a bronze medal at the Deutscher Digital Awards, and a selection as Highly Commended at The Drum Awards for Digital Industries 2021.

[bs-quote quote=”“We’ve been on an incredible journey with Ubisoft. They were one of the first big studios to work with us on our PC offering after identifying an opportunity to offer Trackmania fans a popular title, with in-game ads that not only compliment the gameplay but make it more realistic. We’re thrilled about extending our partnership, and we look forward to bringing our blended in-game ads to more of Ubisoft’s premium titles”.” style=”style-18″ align=”center” color=”” author_name=”Itamar Benedy” author_job=”CEO of Anzu” author_avatar=”https://www.prosyscom.tech/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Itamar-Benedy-CEO-of-Anzu.jpg” author_link=”https://twitter.com/benedyitamar”][/bs-quote]


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