VR Mods: Oceanhorn 2 brings Zelda flair to Virtual Reality

2 brought Zelda vibes to the PC on August 2. The upcoming universal mod from Praydog will soon make the game VR-compatible.

A lot of classic gamers might turn up their noses at the vast majority of iOS titles out there. But ten years ago, one action-adventure game stood out from the crowd. Oceanhorn by Cornfox & Brothers reminded many people of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for the Gamecube. It even featured a soundtrack by celebrity composer Nobuo Uematsu.

After implementing the first two games for PC and consoles, Praydog's universal VR mod will soon bring part 2 to VR. The goal is to make almost any title developed with Unreal Engine 4 or 5 suitable for VR headsets Industryfreedom.

Zelda atmosphere in virtual reality

: Knights of the Lost Realm also brings its new shoulder view to virtual reality. Players can freely look around the idyllic island while the hero runs in front of them, controlled by the gamepad, and fights enemies with his sword. According to Flat2VR's YouTube presence, the implementation is already going “incredibly” well. Praydog is also a very active member of this Discord community.

Judging by the first game scenes, however, there could be caveats. The somewhat rapid acceleration and abrupt deceleration of the camera may cause problems for sensitive players.

In Oceanhorn 2, Trin, the daughter of Arcadia's leader Archimedes, and Gen, a mysterious robot with an ancient samurai weapon, come to your aid. Together you'll battle the dark army of Mesmeroth. In addition to the main quest, which lasts approximately 20 hours, there are numerous dungeons, bosses and side quests.

An exact release date for Praydog's universal mod has not yet been set, but it will probably be in 2023. He releases his open source projects for free, but also has a Patreon account for voluntary donations. Click here to visit Praydog's Github page.

A list of UE games that can benefit from the Injector can be found behind the link. I've also linked you to a list of the best PC VR mods.

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