Watch System Shock 3’s first gameplay teaser video

Developer OtherSide Entertainment is making progress on System Shock 3, and now the studio wants to prove it to you. The team released a teaser today that shows off a number of gameplay scenarios for the upcoming immersive sim.

In the minute-long clip, OtherSide reveals an atmospheric world and wrench-wielding action. But this is definitely just a teaser. It only has quick bursts of gameplay where enemies are on fire or trying to break through a glass window. The developer is also calling this “pre-alpha” footage, so System Shock 3 is likely still a ways off.

This is the second System Shock 3 teaser. OtherSide released a shorter world-building trailer during the keynote for the Unity development engine at the Game Developers Conference.

You can watch that right here:

So does this deluge of trailers (two) over the last six months mean the game is getting close to shipping? OtherSide still isn’t saying. While we know that System Shock 3 is coming to PC and potentially other platforms, it still doesn’t have a release date.

OtherSide announced System Shock 3 in late 2015. The developer has since worked to build the game as a modern iteration of the classic franchise. But OtherSide is a relatively smaller studio, so that process is going to take time.

OtherSide’s team includes a number of developers that worked on the previous System Shock games at Looking Glass Studios. Those names include Looking Glass cofounder Paul Neurath, designer Warren Spector, and concept artists Robb Waters and Nate Wells. So while the game is likely not coming out in the next couple of months, fans of the original games should at least have some hope that it will recapture some of that magic … eventually.

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